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Who should have the authority?

July 7, 2011

The issue to be voted on next Tuesday is simply a matter of who should have the authority to appoint a bookkeeper for the town. Under the New York State Municipal Law, the bookkeeper position had been listed as bookkeeper/confidential secretary to the supervisor and hence was designated as an appointment by the supervisor. Ever since the bookkeeper position was established in Tusten in 1967, the minutes document that the appointment of bookkeeper had been made by the full town board, in agreement with the supervisor, at its organization meeting each year, with no exceptions, until this year when no appointment was made.

Although the supervisor has been performing the duties of bookkeeper, the auditors for the Town of Tusten have told the board at a regular meeting that this is a serious internal weakness. Municipal bookkeeping has become a more complex job, with additional responsibilities beyond simply paying the bills. The decision voters will make on Tuesday is whether the person who will be taking on these responsibilities should be reviewed and appointed by a five-member board or one person, the supervisor.

Charles Blanchard
Narrowsburg, NY

Town bookkeeper

I am absolutely confounded by Mr. Blanchard's knowledge of town business and politics when to the best of my knowledge he has attended only one town meeting in all of his years here and accused a person of sharing information with him whom he had never met. The gentleman was, in fact, sitting directly next to Mr. Blanchard and he didn't know it. I am of the opinion that Mr. Blanchard knows little or nothing about town politics and that the letter was written by someone else who has an agenda that will cost the taxpayers more of their hard earned money in the long run. In terms of who abolished the bookkeepers position I am in possession of the organizational Meeting of the Town of Tusten of January 5, 2011. Councilwoman Wingert made a motion, seconded by Councilwoman Dowling to abolish the position of the bookkeepers job description and position. There were 5 AYE votes and 0 NAYES.
Superintendent Harrison, as I stated in my printed letter in the River Reporter, is an honest official seeking to contain costs. This conflicts with those who want to go back to the good old days of tax and spend and "who knows where the money went." We can no longer afford that luxury. It is time for those who realy care about the future of this town and ALL of our citizens to support Mrs. Harrison in her efforts to clean things up.