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Stay the course with Hoeper

May 12, 2011

Shohola Supervisor candidate Brad Dellert’s letter to the editor about his “clean” campaign is delusional. He and his people are the ones running around spreading fear. They are telling people that Greg Hoeper has leased his property to the gas companies, that he wants to do away with the Shohola Volunteer Fire Company and that people won’t have fire protection in Walker Lake. Nonsense. None of it is true.

Stop playing on people’s fears, Brad. Hoeper is leading our town forward while some people are trying to hold us back. Dellert said he supports suspended fire chief Don Wall 100%, yet one week later, he signed a petition for the chief to step down. How can you trust somebody to run our town when all he does is flip-flop? As for his family being harassed: that started long before his father resigned as supervisor and is not related to Dellert’s campaign.

If you’ve been reading the letters to the editor and the newspapers for the last year and a half, it is clear that Greg Hoeper has never wavered, never flip-flopped. He has tried to comfort people who felt intimidated and has courageously strived to right the wrongs suffered by so many residents for so long. He has passed the test. He has listened to the people of Shohola and he is delivering the goods. Let’s keep Shohola going forward. Vote Greg Hoeper, May 17th. If you are a Republican and wish to vote for Greg Hoeper, you can vote for him by writing his name in.

D. Worzel
Shohola, PA