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It doesn’t add up

May 10, 2011

As a resident of Shohola, I have attended many town meetings, and I have read every letter and editorial in the newspapers with regard to what is going on in our town. Lately, I have read things that just don’t add up.

I have read Brad Dellert’s published letters for the past five months with regards to his support to raising taxes on the citizens of Shohola to support an already well-established fire department. In many articles to the Pike County Dispatch, The River Reporter and News Eagle, Mr. Dellert supports, defends and even goes so far to try to explain to the residents of Shohola that a half millage tax increase will only cost the taxpayers a small amount of money.

Now that Mr. Dellert has thrown his hat into the ring for supervisor, all of a sudden I am reading about a zero-based budget. It is as if he is talking out of both sides of his mouth, the behavior of a typical politician. His position was made very clear by his letters to the editor, and now that he is a candidate he is trying to convince us that he intends on exercising zero-based budgeting. Does Mr. Dellert think that by throwing around the term of “zero-based budgeting” that he can lead us to believe that he is a qualified candidate for supervisor? Might I suggest that Mr. Dellert take a crash course in local government, not politics, and start by learning how our current municipality operates before he stands on the political platform of budgeting?

John Somers
Shohola, PA