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Drilling would make a joke out of ‘buy local’

May 12, 2011

Heavy industrial activities such as gas drilling and other activities, such as non-carcinogenic agriculture and tourism based on the aesthetic beauty of a region, are mutually exclusive. They cannot coexist!

Inviting an industry that will devastate our currently dominant industries is economic suicide. Perhaps, like me, the majority of your clientele are second-home owners or transplants who are fortunate enough to have moved here permanently for the quality of life. These people are the bedrock of our economy, benefiting every business owner in Sullivan County. Yet many deny their right to voice their opinions to leadership or, God forbid, run for office.
Where will these people go if we take away the quality of life or any right to participation? Where will I go? For those who assess one’s credibility based on such things, I am a fifth-generation Town of Bethel resident. I don’t want to go; that is why I am writing this letter.

Who will benefit from gas? A few vocal landowners, anyone in the business of repairing roads, and let’s not forget the hospitals in a few years when the first cancers show up. What a boom for them; no wonder they have nothing to say about this issue.

Just imagine a gas drilling rig in the background of our Pure Catskills label. Kind of undermines the credibility—makes the whole “buy local” campaign into a sick joke, doesn‘t it? Long-time residents, maybe you should get out and see the rest of the country. You have been sheltered too long under the wing of our good fortune: unspoiled land. There are places no longer so pretty. If you still think natural gas is going to save us, you have a lot to learn. Please learn it.

Jennifer Young
Bethel, NY

Second home owners

Whose fault is it that this area is so damned pristine anyway? Surely not the people who have been living here for the past 100 years. They are too ignorant, right? Why isn't there a mass exodus from this area to North New Jersey where all the really smart people come from and is yet so polluted?

I don't know how much more of this bedrock of the community we can stand.

Classic fear mongering.

Hospitals will do well when the first cancers show up? News flash! Cancer has been alive and doing well in the area for a very long time. Science won't support the obstructionist position, so try fear.