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Write in Keesler for supervisor

May 5, 2011

Dolores Keesler is angry. And so am I.

She has lived in Wayne County, PA most of her adult life, and taught in our schools for more than 26 years. When she was appointed to represent Damascus Township on the Upper Delaware Council, she was honored to serve in that volunteer capacity.

Then suddenly, after serving nearly three years as Damascus representative, she received a letter from the township stating:

“The Board of Supervisors voted to change the representative to the Upper Delaware Council. The vote was to effectuate this change immediately.”

No reason was given, no advance notice, just “immediately.” The letter was signed by all three supervisors.

According to Keesler, all that supervisor Joe Canfield said to her was, “They’ve gotten a lot of complaints about my anti-gas stand. Canfield is quoted in the newspaper as saying, ‘Just say that she doesn’t represent the whole township, that’s all.’” Little thanks for three years of service, and a puzzling reason for the firing.

Now Keesler is trying to walk the middle ground. “I don’t have blinders on,” Keesler told me. “I know this recreational river brings jobs to the area. I’m not for gas drilling, and I’m not against it. I just want to make sure they don’t destroy the air, or the water, that support this recreational river.”

Keesler has decided it is time for a change. She is running a write-in campaign for Damascus Township Supervisor in the upcoming primary election on May 17, but she doesn’t have much time to get the word out.

I appeal to all Damascus Township residents who are as concerned about clean water and balanced representation as I am. Please, on May 17, write in “Dolores Keesler” in the ballot box for Damascus Township Supervisor.

Barbara Yeaman
Milanville, PA


The way it actually happened was that the supervisors deliberated in private and voted in public. If they made up their minds in a private session this violates the "sunshine law". They admitted that they had already made the decision. There are strict criteria about when supervisors can do this and a decision to relieve an appointee of their position does not qualify, at least not the last time I looked. If anyone is concerned that this is what we have for local government, then they will vote for Dolores who basically is "middle of the road" with a head on her shoulders and a history of dealing straight. It doesn't matter whether she is for or against drilling. She's for safety first. For those who don't appreciate that, I say, "Then you are incosiderate of your own well being and that of your neighbors and that goes for the current Supervisors as well."

Once again

We have an opinion that those that do not agree to vote for the candidate this person supports are inconsiderate. Could it be that some people simply have a different opinion? Perhaps some like the condition of the township roads and want to support the supervisors. Is gas drilling the only issue? Is this writer telling us that this really is a gas drilling referendum?