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October 01, 2016
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Get informed and involved

April 21, 2011

I volunteered at the benefit recently held at Mountain View Manor regarding hydraulic fracking. I watched “Frack, the Movie,” which was very informative and extremely well done. It was difficult to watch the devastation and contamination of the water and environment left behind for the residents of Dimock, PA. Families described how their water was poisoned with gas and chemicals that have killed and sickened livestock. It showed how washing and taking showers has led to skin rashes and other serious medical conditions. The rivers and streams are decimated and all the fish are dead.

In Sullivan County, we all know this could happen to us, if we let it. We must come together and do whatever we can to fight this. Write letters to local legislature, write to local newspapers, talk to neighbors and write to our government in Albany.

One of the biggest hurdles we face is Halliburton. After being served a subpoena by the EPA in November, 2010, they still refused to disclose the chemicals being used in hydraulic fracking. Former Vice President and former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney ensured placement of legal loopholes protecting Halliburton from producing any such documentation.

People please, start asking questions, get informed and get involved.

Terry Bauer
Livingston Manor, NY