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September 27, 2016
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An insult to the military

July 11, 2012

I found it very disturbing that the Narrowsburg Fire Department would allow a float in the Independence Day parade depicting the military as a bunch of drunks. These people have the right to freedom of speech and the right to make political statements, thanks to the U.S. military. However, I believe it was disgusting, disrespectful and in extremely poor taste to be shouting profanity and carrying on as drunks in front of the crowd that lined the streets to watch the parade which included many small children.

If people wanted to see a bunch of drunks and listen to profanity they would have gone to the local bar, not an Independence Day celebration. This parade should be a celebration of our independence by honoring our military and its veterans, not depicting them as a bunch of drunks. I am sure that if these people had dressed up in fireman’s turnout gear, were drinking and shouting obscenities, and made reference to “a bunch of drunken fireman” instead of sailors the Narrowsburg Fire Department would have found that offensive.

Furthermore, this float carried political campaign posters. Is this the kind of respect that this candidate has in mind for our community?

George Banta, US Army Veteran 1966-1968
Darbytown, PA

Insult to the military?

On a certain evening in 1776 a group of gentlemen (and one lady) masquerading as Indians made their displeasure known with another tax issue in Boston, that has been admired since as the Boston Tea Party. Far short of depicting the Native American population as over-caffeinated hooligans, the press of the next day no doubt was at least mixed in its reporting of what had occurred the night before. To depict what was one of the finest pieces of political farce perpetrated in this area in my time here, or anywhere else for that matter, as an insult to our military, because sailor hats, (which I myself wore one proudly for 11 years) were used to illustrate the well known term, "drunken sailor" is as feeble a squawk as ANY could be by the subjects lampooned. In short, to our now thoroughly discredited town board, who have squandered tens of thousands of our tax dollars on the BOONDOGGLE of the ludicrous Esplanade project, GIVE IT UP! Also, and not so easy, Explain why the design (and a very nice one at that) on the cover of the River Reporter, that was done by an independent contractor cost 10 thousand dollars, and the main contractor of the affray just got $ 154,000. The reason is that we have racketeering gangster thieves among us paying campaign contributions to compliant politicians. Or maybe the night I was born was not LAST night!