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Cora Edwards and the grant

November 2, 2011

I was disturbed by recent claims from political candidates who stated that they brought significant grants into the county. The recent case of Cora Edwards taking credit for the County's broadband grant is just the latest example. Where I come from, you don’t try to take credit for work you didn’t actually do but only contributed to from the sidelines, if at all. More than anything, it is deeply disrespectful of the people in government departments or agencies who actually DID all the writing, filled in the forms, collected all the information needed and sent the whole packages in.

They probably saw it as part of their job, but it is THEIR effort that got the job done, and they deserve the credit more than anybody. I understand enough about government to know that grant applications do benefit from support letters and calls from elected officials, but for outsiders to go about and claim that they made it all happen is just not right and leaves a very bad taste. The Swan Lake Fire Department would be happy, though , to put Ms. Edwards grant writing skills to good use.

Tim Eronimous
Swan Lake, NY 12783