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Babicz’s record

November 2, 2011

Responding to Paul Hubert's letter in the Sullivan County Democrat of, October 28, I would like to thank him for the opportunity to remind Town of Callicoon taxpayers/voters that the $300,000 I made available for a municipal solar project was voted down, not once , but twice, by the board he so admires.

The $100,000 grant subsequently went to CRMC for improvements, and the $200,000 in NYSERDA rebates was made available to others more progressive. The proposed project would have been completely funded by the grant and rebates—no payback period. The board approved and paid a $2000 fee for a professional consultant—wasteful, as it was never the intent of board members to move forward with the project!

I do hope that Mr. Hubert and the board have noted the many solar projects since completed in the county, i.e .local farms and the Liberty high School, all with payback periods.

Current supervisor Tom Bose, asserts that he "worked successfully to restore the $100,000 to our depleted equipment fund reserve that was expended with only a promise of reimbursement". The $ 100,000 was used for the installation of steel pilings to prevent an extensive stream bank collapse. The board voted to go forward, with the understanding that Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther had secured the funds and that reimbursement would be made within one year. The funds were received as promised. The publicity sought by the board regarding this matter was meant to damage my integrity, and is most certainly an affront to Assemblywoman Gunther's good reputation. The protected bank has aided in preventing flood damage to homes, businesses, place of worship, and State Route 52 in the hamlet of Youngsville.

Addressing equipment: is the public aware that the Town of Callicoon purchased a new truck that cost over $200.000? Has the public been made aware that there is a new procurement policy, and has the public been made aware of the limitations of same policy? 1 think not. During my tenure as supervisor, all proposed projects over $3,000 were subject to advertising for Requests for Proposals. Now, that figure is $30,000. An expenditure of over $200,000 would have gone to public referendum. Once again, a resolution was passed with an ambiguous title and no public discussion by the Board. Does the fund for disaster/flood still exist, or has it been spent on equipment?