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Gieger is visionary

November 3, 2011

For most of us, it’s great to be comfortable. However, in the case of elected legislators, comfort can produce the kind of dysfunction we find in the Sullivan County Legislature. This is why Cindy Gieger’s candidacy in District 5 is so refreshing.

Anyone who meets Cindy Gieger is impressed with her deep understanding of the issues ranging from the county budget to the problems facing county farmers. Cindy has the right approach to problem solving. She listens carefully, processes what she has learned and then works to find common ground within different positions.

Cindy also refuses to take the easy way out. She has spent countless hours before state and county lawmakers on a wide range of issues including limiting the state’s liberal tax-exempt laws, holding the Industrial Development Agency more accountable and opposing raiding the reserve fund to balance the county budget.

Cindy’s vision, energy and attention to detail set her apart. As your legislator in District 5, Cindy Gieger will never get too comfortable.

William Engle
Callicoon Center, NY