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Too much junk

A few loyal readers commented on my statement in last month’s column that the onus for environmental degradation should rest more with corporations than with individuals. While I did not intend to imply that individuals bear no responsibility at all for the state of our environment, I tried to make the point that corporations are not held accountable for the extent of the damage they do; exploitation of resources and pollution is the “cost of doing business.”

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The coffee catastrophe

I am almost exactly halfway from Penn Station to Morristown, NJ to visit my grandmother when he sits down across the aisle from me. The man in the large black t-shirt.

Sits down doesn’t really give justice to the way he rolled his way with a running start, using his metal adjustable cane with plastic gray handle as a pole to vault into the air. His leather jacket swooshes as it slides against the New Jersey Transit seat.

The man is overweight and his large black t-shirt bulges over his belly. He is directly across the aisle from me. In front of him, a young couple sits deep in conversation.

The young couple, the man and I all hold coffees. We are on the bottom level of a double-decker train and the seats are raised about four inches on either side of the aisle.

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