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Waynepeace screens “Body of War”

HONESDALE, PA — “Body of War,” a 2007 documentary about Thomas Young, an Iraq war veteran paralyzed from a bullet to the spine, will be shown at the Wayne County Public Library on Tuesday, March 3 at 6:00 p.m. Directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, the film describes the physical and emotional journey of this young man as he adapts to his new body and begins to question his decision to go to war.

The film cuts between Young and Congressional proceedings in Washington, using historic evidence showing how Congress rushed to judgment and decided to conduct war in Iraq. It portrays one soldier returning home broken and in dire need of care from family and an imperfect health system, and acknowledges the role of the peace movement.

The 87-minute film will be followed by discussion and refreshments. Admission is free and all are welcome. This educational forum is being sponsored by Waynepeace, which has been advocating for services and support that troops and veterans deserve for the sacrifices they have made.

The use of the Wayne County Library facilities by Waynepeace does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the library.