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Bluebirds nest early; buy a house now

PENNSYLVANIA — The Pennsylvania Game Commission is selling bluebird nesting boxes by mail order. The boxes sell for $7 plus shipping and handling, and customers can select from assembled boxes or kits that can be assembled as a wood-working project.

“Bluebirds are early nesters, so now is the time put up new nest boxes, as well as to clean, repair existing boxes,” said Dan Brauning, Game Commission Wildlife Diversity Section supervisor. “These bluebird boxes enable Pennsylvanians to help wildlife in a natural way.

Bluebirds are cavity nesters that have become less common due to a lack of suitable nest sites. Boxes should be erected on a free-standing pole three to five feet above the ground—facing south, if possible— and facing a nearby tree or fence where young birds can safely land on their initial flights from the box. To reduce predation and competition from other species, no perch should be placed on the box; bluebirds do not need one. Boxes placed in pairs, about 20 feet apart, may help reduce competition from swallows. For more information on bluebirds, visit, select “Wildlife” and then click on the photo of a bluebird.

Sales will continue while supplies last. To order by phone call 888/888-3459.