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Unlikely change

The streets are quiet in Brooklyn tonight. It’s late and the night is brisk, with gusts of wind that cut right through my jacket. The deli coffee I clasp with both hands cools before I finish half of it, and I consider just how hot it was when the clerk handed it to me. At the time, I thought it was my hands adjusting to something hot, after being out in the cold. But I should have said something to him. Made him make me a fresh pot.

I toss the lukewarm cup and it falls strangely, landing unevenly with a splat in the closest garbage can. I feel my mind start to spin worries into fears and I wonder if taking a walk in the middle of the night was really that good of an idea.

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As one of the organizers of an event about fracking in Pike County recently, I heard criticism that we were one-sided for not inviting gas exploration companies to participate. After some time to reflect, many things come to mind.

Mother Nature can do many things, but cannot produce fact sheets or hire lawyers or conduct public relations campaigns. Sticking up for Mother Nature easily starts to feel one-sided, since there are no financial rewards. If you get involved, expect expenses and critiques, not income and praise.

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