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TRR photo by Scott Rando
A recent January ice storm coated the needles of this white pine, as well as everything around it. This storm also caused slippery roads and walkways, as well as some accidents. It was fortunate that the ice load on trees was not enough to bring limbs down on power lines in most areas. There were some scattered outages, however.

Frozen sunshine

I’m not sure where the slang term “frozen sunshine” originated; I think I may have heard it from a cynical meteorologist while in the service. It meant that it was going to ice or snow either on the ground or in the air. If too much of the stuff was forecast, we stayed on the ground. Winter is the season for “frozen sunshine” and also frozen lakes and rivers. We either love it or hate it, depending on circumstance. Here are some scenes from January’s winter landscape.

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PEEC winter birding events

DINGMANS FERRY, PA—The Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) will provide two winter bird-watching events in February.

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Pike County sportsman gets award from outdoor writers association

CARLISLE, PA—During a recent ceremony conducted at the annual meeting of The Pennsylvania Outdoor Writer’s Association held in Carlisle, Pike County sportsman and media personality Ron Tussel, left, was awarded a certificate of dedication and plaque containing the presidential gavel for service to the organization during his term as president.

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