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‘Union Dale,’ CD by PA group Hitchin’ Cricket

“Union Dale” is Pennsylvania band Hitchin’ Cricket’s third studio album release, and marks the group’s 10th anniversary. They describe their brand of music “outlaw country,” of which they write: “Outlaw Country music is really all about making the best out of troubled times, about soothing those down-home blues and celebrating the little things in life… Hitchin’ Cricket makes music for the common man. In this case, it is the men and women serving America overseas as much as those left behind.” The CD can be purchased at More information on the group and its other albums, as well as samples of its music, may be found at

‘Angels, Horses and Other Worldly Lessons,’ by Kimberly Wickham

MARGARETVILLE, NY — “Angels, Horses and Other Worldly Lessons,” by Margaretville author Kimberly Wickham, is the third book in a children’s series that incorporates principles of quantum physics into a tale about growing up. Along with the first two books in the series, “Angels and Horses” and “Summer of Magic Horses,” it takes readers on a magical ride following the experiences of nine-year-old Tina. Through a series of adventures involving her horse Dancer and visits by her guardian angel, Marguerite, Tina learns important lessons about herself and others.

The author makes the principles of quantum physics a focal point of these tales, breaking down these complex themes into easily understandable concepts through Tina’s experiences. Despite its magical premise, the series also deals with real-life issues such as the illness of a loved one and peers who present difficulties through their actions.

The incorporation of scientific concepts in a children’s book reflects Wickham’s interest in establishing alternative curricula for schoolchildren. She has begun working with a group of educators from around the world, who share similar viewpoints on teaching, to develop an alternative curriculum for students ages 8-12.

For more information visit or call 845/586-4982.

‘Celeste,’ CD by vocalist Celeste Triebeneck

Celeste Triebeneck is a vocalist who sings in the Celtic, British and American folk tradition. Accompanied by Paul E. Mitchell on 12-string and classical guitar, Triebeneck performs locally at theaters, cultural centers, pubs and galleries, and has appeared on Ramble Tamble, a National Public Radio program. “Celeste,” her debut CD, offers traditional Celtic music with a full band, including songs and ballads that are off the usual beaten path of the traditional songs most often heard today.

The CD may be purchased at More information on the artist and samples of her music may be found at

‘Mass Historia,’ by Chris Regan

“Mass Historia” is history rewritten b Chris Regan of White Lake, NY, a comedy writer whose credits include The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and a winner of five Emmys and two Peabody awards.

The book reviews historical happenings that occurred on each day of the year, given Regan’s irreverent twist. Regan writes, “On every day of the calendar year, an anniversary of something historic is celebrated. So I have taken it upon myself with “Mass Historia” to pass along, celebrate—but mostly mock—History’s more interesting events and anecdotes. Since I’ve been the one doing all the writing while History rambles on, I’ve added certain ‘embellishmnets’ along the way for kicks. History is very old, he gets confused sometimes, but he does have a lot of funny stories.”

The book is published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, and is available from and other national bookstores.

Artwork for cover of "Angels and Horses"
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