New Year’s list…

My paper tablet is waiting, staring at me blankly from my dining room table. What would make this moment better… a nice cup of steaming hot cocoa with a dollop of whipped cream? I could use my new jumbo-sized mug that I received as a gift.

Better yet, a couple of those really good double-chocolate, iced cookies. It would really be a sin to waste them, especially as list-making is so exhausting. Wouldn’t it be better for my health if I keep my blood sugar up? I have my old list in hand and I’m getting ready to start… in a moment. Maybe one more bite of cookie will help me to focus.

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Crimes against humanity

“Saddam Hanged,” the headline read, adding that U.S. forces were on high alert. The news stopped me—in one of those rare times that a newspaper headline got the news out first. I realized I hadn’t been getting my regular dose of radio/TV news. Rather, we had enjoyed my daughter’s i-Pod playlist on the road trip from the city, and the last TV I saw was the Yule log on Channel 11 on Christmas day. I was out of touch, I guess you’d say.

So it was a shock to see that the death sentence had been carried out, and so swiftly.

There is no love lost between me and Saddam, mind you. Put down your pens, o letter-writers, ye of little faith.

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