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Job well done

To the editor:

I would like to take a moment to let your readers know what I think of your newspaper. As a subscriber and active organizer of community events, I must say “thank you” for everything you do when it comes to community coverage and the quality of your paper. I look forward to reading it every week it comes out, as it truly is a community paper. The coverage on my “Santa Claus is coming to town” event and center-page spread was nothing sort of spectacular. Your graphic artist, Lori Malone, is in my opinion is one of the best in the area at making visions come alive on paper.

Please accept my thanks for understanding how a community paper should look and read and keep up the great work. Your paper was one of the few (very few) media outlets that deemed it worthy to cover such a magical night, and because of that you were able to put smiles on hundreds of local children’s faces and their families that night. It will be a night that they remember for as long as they live.

Keep up the great work.

Lou Monteleone
Eldred, New York

What is Christmas?

To the editor:

What is Christmas? The waiting in long lines for that limited gift, the hustle and bustle of the mall, or the giving of the most lavish expensive gifts? Is the importance of Christmas how much we buy or how much we receive?

I remember Christmas as a time of joy. The gifts were exciting for me as a child, but so was the scent of freshly baked cookies. Looking over all the Christmas ornaments and going to cut our tree are some of my most exciting memories. Time spent together making memories is what stands out, not the gifts.

What is Christmas? Do our children know the meaning other than gifts? Have the birth of Christ and the magic of Santa taken the back burner? Why has holiday cheer become holiday stress? I ask not only you, but myself as well. Dig deep into your memories this holiday season. Remember the holidays long ago, whether you went to church on Christmas Eve or went caroling with friends. Remember hanging stockings with mom or sleigh riding with dad? No matter the memory, take your time and share the family traditions. The gift will get lost in the shuffle, but tradition will live on

Natasha K. Wallace
Matamoras, PA

Happy recycling

To the editor:

Merry Christmas to you and a New Year full of deep satisfaction and fulfillment.

Have you ever noticed that there is a connection between this season, peace, nonviolence and recycling? How did recycling get in there? Not hard to understand. Whenever you recycle anything, you are respecting the limited resources on this planet that we depend on for our very life. By recycling, we are contributing to keeping global heating in check because less energy and global warming gases are needed to produce more of what we recycled.

This certainly is a nonviolent, compassionate act that helps to promote personal and worldwide peace through addressing the horrendous difficulties being created by global heating. Christmas especially is a big time for throw-a-ways, including your Christmas tree. Please do all of us a favor and take that Christmas tree, which will be turned into compost and ground up mulch, to your closest county transfer station after the holidays along with all those Christmas wrappings, obsolete electronics, batteries, etc. This is a way to create peace.

Thanks. You just made my day.

Tim Shera

Liberty, NY

An act of charity

To the editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank Bill Sipos and the staff of Mr. Willy’s for the tremendous act of charity and kindness they demonstrated on December 6, when they donated and served a luncheon as part of Community Unity’s fundraising efforts.

Community Unity is a coalition of four county-wide programs, CASA, The Recovery Center, RISE and The Federation for the Homeless, who aspire to help our friends and neighbors in need. By donating the food, facility and service for the day, Mr. Sipos and his staff enabled more than 400 guests to give more than $9,500 in monetary donations and gifts, which will be used to enrich the lives of those less fortunate.

The generosity and kindness of Mr. Sipos and his volunteers should stand as an example to live by for all of us, and I again would like to offer them my heartfelt congratulations for their efforts.

Kathy LaBuda, Legislator District Two
Majority Leader, Sullivan County Legislature
Monticello, NY