Meeting the challenges of stormwater management


Visits to my sister’s family in Southeast Pennsylvania always include at least one stop at a nearby state park. My niece and nephew love exploring the trails and woodlands of this patch of public land nestled in the midst of a suburban landscape.

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Santa lives in Brooklyn

I met Santa Claus yesterday in front of my apartment in Brooklyn. He wore a long red jacket, with a matching cap, and he rang a small bell. Christmas carols blasted from a speaker above his head.

As I approached he smiled warmly, and reached his hand into a small wicker basket, removing a candy cane. He bowed his head slightly and stretched a gloved hand toward me, offering me the candy cane. I accept.

My eyes stare into his and suddenly I am a kid again. Memories of Santa’s knees, milk and cookies, and coconut-stuffed stockings rush over me. I thank Santa for the gift and wonder which of his two lists I’m on this year.

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That was the easy part


I started out 2006 knowing that at year’s end I would be one of three things: either (a) satisfied with the ways things were going politically in this country, (b) dead or (c) Canadian.

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