Upstairs, downstairs, in my lady’s chamber

NACL’s ‘Mystery of Lakewood House’ keeps the audience on the move

HIGHLAND LAKE, NY — NACL will close this summer’s 7th annual Catskill Festival of New Theatre with the return of an extraordinary theatre experience for all ages, “The Mystery of Lakewood House.”

In this site-specific mystery play, the audience is divided into three groups, each of which explores various locations in and around Lakewood House (the residence next door to the theatre). The spectators catch glimpses of scenes from the past, and can view characters up close in the living room, around a kitchen table, on the porch, behind the shed or in the garden.

The Lakewood House characters include Byron the mad beekeeper, Alya the fat ghost, Therese the Lakewood House owner, Dot the eccentric cousin, Lazlo the Hungarian dance instructor, Agnes the dead girl and Joseph the visiting psychic. Music, secret conversations, fragments of dream-like imagery and mystery unfold throughout the spectators’ journey back in time, until the final scene reveals the truth.

Last year, “The Mystery of Lakewood House” drew record crowds.

Tickets cost $8 to $20 on a sliding scale.

This is a rain or shine event. Bring umbrellas in rainy weather.

For more information call 845/557-0694.

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In NACL’s concluding summer production, the audience prowls Lakewood House (the house next the the NACL theatre) and its grounds spying on the scenes of an unfolding mystery. (Click for larger version)
Contributed photo
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