Ice sculptures to adorn EagleFest

NARROWSBURG, NY — This year’s EagleFest, scheduled for 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on January 14, will welcome four ice artisans to this year’s festival. Working with 300-pound blocks of ice, Mark Crouthamel, Daniel Drake, Earl Covington, and Tom Holmes will be working on eagle-themed sculptures throughout the day.

Crouthamel is the owner of Sculpted Ice Works. Introduced to the art of ice carving though his culinary training at Johnson & Wales, he has been carving for 10 years. Crouthamel is a member of the National Ice Carving Association, and has been carving ice full time for over five years.

Drake began learning about the art of ice carving while working for Sculpted Ice Works. He works full time as commercial ice sales manager and ice carver at Sculpted Ice Works. He is a member of the National Ice Carving Association.

Covington is the owner of Ice Art, Inc of Spring Valley. A graduate of Johnson & Wales, he worked as in the culinary field before his career in ice sculpting. A member of the National Ice Carving association, he has been ice carving for 15 years.

Holmes, originally from New York, received a BA in music theory and composition from the Crane School of Music in 1987. He moved to Greeley, PA with his wife Carol in 1992. He is a sculptor, musician, instrument builder and designer. Icing his work and natural landscape formations has become one of his favorite winter activities. A member of the “The Artery” in Milford, PA , he produced Milford’s first “Ice Work” last year.

TRR file photo by David Hulse
This eagle, courtesy of Ice Works, became a feature of Narrowsburg observation deck last year at EagleFest. (Click for larger version)