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Wayne County issues 52 warrants, charges 18 as drug dealers


HONESDALE, PA — In a sweeping dragnet, Wayne County officials, with the help of state police, issued 52 warrants and arrested 16 adults and two juveniles on Saturday, November 16 as part of a ongoing drug sting.

Of the 52 warrants, six were juveniles and eight were females.

The roundup, code named “Fort Apache,” started at 9:00 a.m. on the  morning of Saturday, November 16 and consisted of 17 three-officer teams from the Pennsylvania State Police and the Wayne County Task Force.

Wayne County District Attorney Mark Zimmer said he expected more arrests soon.

The roundup was the result of 14 months of undercover investigation.

All 52 alleged drug dealers participated in direct deliveries of drugs to undercover Pennsylvania State Police troopers. The drugs included crack cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy, cocaine, OxyContin, Percocet and marijuana.

Most of the accused were based in The Hideout, a gated community near Hamlin, PA.

PA State Police Captain John Duignan, who conducted the arrests, said the operation could not have been done without the task force that was created in April, 2002 by the district attorney’s office.

“This is the first major drug bust involving the Wayne County Drug Task Force, but I promise you it will not be the last,” Zimmer said.

Those arrested were arraigned by District Justice Ronald Edwards and transported to various jails throughout northeastern Pennsylvania.

Bails ranged from $10,000 to $100,000.

Among those arrested were: Andrew Bennett, Lake Ariel; Larry Faison, Waterbury, CT; Linda Faison, White Mills, PA; Rafael Gutierrez, The Hide Out, Lake Ariel, PA; Darlene Ann Hill, Hawley, PA; Charlene Jeffrey, Hawley, PA; Lina Johnson, Hawley, PA; Brian Kavanaugh, The Hide Out, Lake Ariel, PA; Vladimir Kostyushko, The Hide Out, Lake Ariel, PA; Richard Pastula, Lakeville, PA; David Rosenthal, The Hide Out, Lake Ariel, PA; Heidi Sears, The Hide Out, Lake Ariel, PA; William Sears, The Hide Out, Lake Ariel, PA; Charles Strait, Reading, PA; Anthony Walter, The Hide Out, Lake Ariel, PA; and Peter Zaccaro, Hawley, PA.

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