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August 27, 2016
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Barryville Farmers’ Market—10 years strong

When you visit the farmers’ market in Barryville, NY you will notice a couple of things right off. First is the sound of the Delaware River meandering within a stone’s throw of the market. Second is the ring of bright neon-green Adirondack chairs in the center of the market, some filled with couples enjoying the fine fall weather and enjoying some of the baked goods of Cakes and Scones Bakery. Your eyes will be overwhelmed with the choices the vendors bring under each one’s tent. There is a slow peaceful pace to the market, just the right way to start a Saturday in the Upper Delaware Valley.  Read more

A life of bread and roses

Vera B. Williams has dedicated her life to many things, not the least of which are politics and art. Williams was raised in the Bronx in a household that placed high importance and respect on those two things. Her parents were immigrants, her father from Russia and her mother from Poland.  Read more

Local studio, international tour

It was mere coincidence that on the day I talked to Albert Hammond Jr., guitarist for The Strokes and a solo artist in his own right, the Internet was abuzz with talk (or rumor) that The Strokes are working on new music. Lead singer Julian Casablancas let it slip during their show at Landmark Music Festival in Washington, DC on September 27, saying, “We’ll be back soon. We’ll be back in the studio and sh*t.” Perhaps it could be created at Hammond Jr.’s recording studio/home in Eldred, NY?  Read more

Have you heard the buzz?

NARROWSBURG, NY — Sorry to use that cliché, but it just had to be done. The first Narrowsburg Honey Bee Fest is flying into town on Saturday, October 10. The all-day event celebrates the amazing honey bee and features street vendors, kid’s crafts and much, much more. Read on.  Read more

A music festival in the Catskills; It’s not Woodstock, but it’s close

HANCOCK, NY — The first thing you’ll notice about Catskill Chill is that, well, it’s very chill. Everyone seems to be earnestly nice. I was met at the gate by the PR director Destiny, and she kindly asked me to wait while she found me the best parking spot available. People walking by smiled at me, and someone asked if I was “having a good Chill.”  Read more

What of the monarchs?

For most of the summer, I have been checking milkweed plants in the local area for signs of monarch butterfly activity, and have not seen a sign of eggs, larvae, or adults. The milkweed plant is essential for the survival of monarchs, which lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves, and the only plant eaten by monarch caterpillars is milkweed. This year, the cause of eaten milkweed leaves has turned out to be milkweed tussock caterpillars, hairy, orange and black caterpillars that appear on milkweed during this time of year.  Read more

The saved art of sentence diagramming

I was in the woods in the Upper Delaware Valley getting a grammar lesson. Why was I partaking in a grammar lesson? I’m not in school. I was learning how to diagram sentences from Lani S., an artist behind Diagrammers Anonymous.  Read more

Tomato season, short but sweet

REGION — Most tomato lovers know that the fruit (yeah, we’ll get to the fruit-vegetable thing in a minute) of their desires did not originate in Italy, as some might guess, but instead in South America well before the conquistadores arrived on the scene. But the Europeans who eventually invaded South America took a shine to tomatoes and brought them back to Europe, where they gradually gained popularity.  Read more

Legendary bands coming to Bethel Woods; Chicago/Earth, Wind & Fire

On Tuesday, September 1, two of the world’s most popular musical groups will be performing their Heart and Soul Tour at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.  Read more

The Artists’ Market; Building Community through Art

Since I can neither paint nor draw, much less sculpt, fashion jewelry or mold clay, I am constantly in awe over the vast array of talented artists and the creations they produce on both sides of the river. Having heard that Barryville Arts Association Director Nick Roes had recently embarked on a new endeavor—to create a space called The Artists’ Market—“Where Art Comes to Life in the River Valley,” I hightailed it over the bridge to Shohola, PA.  Read more