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December 02, 2016
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TRR photo by Jonathan Charles Fox

May 28, 2014

Each year, Mysteryland sets up camp on beautiful grounds around the globe - from the lush green fields of Holland to the mountainous town of Picarquín, Chile. This year’s stop was the home of the legendary ’69 Woodstock - Bethel Woods, New York. Since 1994, they have hosted a multisensory festival that draws creative, electronic-music-loving tastemakers from around the world. They take pride in throwing a memorable party by bringing both internationally renowned and kick-ass up-and-coming artists to multiple stages.

Although everyone appreciates an amazing party (obviously, right?), Mysteryland is based on a strong philosophy. They call this philosophy their “Festival Footprint.” It’s highly important that they organize their festival in a sustainable way by relying on local participation and interaction. Rapt attention is on the surroundings and community—as well as sustainable projects - during and after the festival. Be friendly to nature, be friendly to the people around you—it was part of the mantra of ‘69 Woodstock and this permeates into the ideology of their Festival Footprint.

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