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February 08, 2016
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Not just for women; A new day in woodworking

Instructor Marcy Pesner works with Nancy Stevenson on crown molding for the top of the cabinet.

The project looks deceptively simple. Standing about two feet high and one foot wide, this cabinet (complete with hinged doors) is a replica of a historic piece and features a base, molding and genuine brass fittings, all in period style. The piece was carefully chosen to give its builders a solid foundation in essential woodworking techniques, mitering chief among them. Says Pesner, “There is no cutting corners when we make corners with wood. No pun intended. We learn the correct way to perform all fundamental woodworking skills.”

There were some unexpected takeaways. Stevenson now knows that special requests once asked of a carpenter were unrealistic, while Fishman is confident that no carpenter will ever again be able to put a snow job past her. Fergus plans to share woodworking projects with her craftsman husband. And Sundholm has added woodworking to her other hobbies: quilting, fly tying and golf.

Pesner emphasizes that both men and women are welcome in all workshops. For more information on woodworking instruction, safe and proper power tool handling, and independent construction projects, see, or call Marcy Pesner at 845/858-8345.