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December 07, 2016
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Behind the Green Door: Meet the Ohisos

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Akira: There are many viewpoints of this region and we hear a lot of talk. We wanted to make it clear that we believe in this town and that there are so many creative ways to bring it back to vitality, instead of lamenting what once was. By making Liberty our home, we’re telling others that we’re here, we’re happy here, and you can be too.

Ellie: Of course it was a gamble, and it took some getting used to. We gave ourselves, and the magazine, a few years to get off the ground. Initially, it was scary and we found ourselves in the city fairly often, but it wasn’t long before we discovered that this is now our home, and that city life wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for us.

Akira: Our friends thought we were crazy

Ellie: There were times that I did, too!

Akira: But we soon discovered that the stress and worries that we carried daily were actually coming from our environment, rather than within. It took a while to “detox,” but now we have a clearer idea of what we want our lives to be about, and it’s not necessarily keeping up with the Joneses.

Ellie: While we brainstormed on what we wanted the magazine to be, many of the trappings fell away. We acknowledged that being “green” can mean different things. Of course, being eco-friendly is at the top of the list, but finding a new home that’s green also meant finding a way to live with nature, a sense of responsibility, and discovering greener pastures for our family. We wanted a more peaceful, natural environment in which to raise our children. I don’t believe we would have had our third, had we stayed in NYC.

TRR: In just two years, Green Door has already had an impact, not only here but around the country. The magazine is drawing attention to opportunities for others, not just to visit, but make the Catskills (and the greater Hudson Valley) their home as well. What do you attribute the seemingly instant success to?

Ellie: We have a wonderful distributor. Although we make the magazine available at no cost in the counties that we cover (Sullivan, Ulster, Delaware, Greene and Dutchess), 90% of our readership is in and around the greater New York City area. Our subscriber list grows daily, we can be found in every Barnes & Noble location and of course, available on line.