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December 04, 2016
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FurrBall a roaring success

These are some of the animals up for adoption at the Dessin Animal Shelter.

An avid animal lover, Hardler talked about the importance of seeing that Dessin’s animals get the best care and find good homes. “And it’s not just dogs and cats,” she said. “We’ve had rats, pigs, sheep, horses, cows, ferrets, rabbits. We have just about everything come in there. We’ve had amphibians. We’ve had exotic birds. So, yes, the shelter takes in whatever animals are in need,” Hardler reported. “Now, I will say larger animals, such as livestock, horses and that, we have to find foster farms to help us because obviously we don’t have the facilities to hold them.”

Foster families are in high demand. “We need people who are willing to open their homes to take these animals in. And especially, believe it or not, cats, because we have a cat population issue in the county. There are always feral cats, and different cats coming in and we need to find homes,” Hardler said.

To become a foster family, contact the shelter at 570/253-4037.

When asked if the best part of the shelter is making that connection between a family and a pet, Hardler’s reply was immediate. “Absolutely. I think the most rewarding part is to see animals come in, especially animals that come from an abuse case or something like that, where a family takes them in and they’re able to match them with the perfect forever home. And then you see these people send us their happy-ending stories later on. And you just, you could cry because it’s such an emotional part of the job. And it just shows that we’re doing something right.”