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August 29, 2016
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Mind, Body & Spirit Expo: A (psychic) fair to remember

Healing massage techniques were demonstrated during the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo at the Best Western in Matamoras, PA.

Closing her conversation with me, Vesely asked if I was prone to coming across loose change, including dimes, in odd places, stating that this was my friend’s way of trying to get my attention. Nodding again while wiping a tear or two from my ashen face, I thanked her and sat in silence for the rest of her readings with the audience. As I rose to exit, a friend sitting behind me (who knew J.P. back in the day) gasped and drew my attention to the chair I had vacated. Square in the middle of the padded seat was a shiny dime, winking at me in the light.

For more information on future events and appointments with Tina Vesely, visit her web site or call 570/832-2120.