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Sullivan County attorney and friends ‘humbled’ by response to new book

The graphic developed by James Bahan for the cover of the book expresses the intertwinement that the women have experienced and the positive array of potentials they believe are possible.

March 29, 2012

SULLIVAN COUNTY, NY — Two women—one of them Sullivan County’s senior assistant attorney Cheryl McCausland—have published a book in which they share their personal encounters with the spiritual world. “Intertwined: Humble Journeys on the Pathway to God,” is a heartfelt and candid account of how each arrived at the shared belief that “human souls are predisposed to seek God and, by doing so, journey with the souls of others on the pathway to Him.”

Co-authors McCausland and Laura Terry, as well as Terry’s younger sister, Tracy, offer their individual stories of visits from spirit beings, life-altering events and communications from beyond the physical realm that reassure, comfort and ultimately connect them more deeply with God. Readers are invited into the women’s soul-searching and are encouraged to reflect on their own life journeys.

Through a friendship that has spanned decades, McCausland and Terry analyze otherwise unexplainable events such as the timely arrival of each one’s personal “Annette,” real-life women who appear at the right time and place to help each through a crisis.

All of it serves to demonstrate the connection human beings have to one another—and to God, according to Terry. “My journey begins in childhood as I witness unusual events involving my younger sister Tracy. It takes an unanticipated turn years later while I participate in a corporate-sponsored competition.

“Cheryl’s journey seems to simmer and then advance full force after an accident nearly takes her life. Tracy’s journey varies greatly from those of Cheryl and I and reflects a life filled with extraordinary abilities and spirit encounters. After struggling to understand God’s desires for her, she now openly shares her story to encourage others who are similarly situated to release the fear that prevents them from embracing their gifts.”

In explaining her motivation, McCausland writes, “I was born inquisitive and have made a living delving into the details of situations. The prospect of a provocative investigation in the interplay among psychic abilities, spirituality and faith was irresistible.”

Terry wanted to show how those seemingly disparate tenets were, in fact, deeply connected. Tracy, who has received visits from spirit beings throughout her life, believes the world is bursting with individuals who have similar abilities but remain trapped inside the fear of exposure and ridicule.