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December 09, 2016
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The 2012 prophesies: Fact or fantasy? responds thusly: “The phenomenon you refer to is called a ‘syzygy’” (scrabble players take note!). That’s what happens “when the planets are most aligned with one another,” and an interesting piece of trivia is that syzygy “was responsible for the spacecraft Voyager leaving our solar system through a pattern of flight from one planet to another that was only made possible by the rare confluence of the planets.”

Although astronomers agree that any dramatic changes on planet Earth are unlikely as a result of the approaching alignment, the science dictates that the affects can be long ranging in the cosmos. Little wonder then, that it is difficult to dissuade believers in the possibility of cataclysmic shifts, not only of consciousness, but the planet itself, considering that best guestimates suggest that the last time an alignment of this magnitude occurred was approximately 26,000 years ago.

Truth be told, I believe that either way, the excitement is timely. Sparking lively debate is always a good thing (in my book) and if that same conversation leads to raising global awareness, ecological concerns and a shift in perception about our relationships with other cultures, much less the universe-at-large, where is the harm?

One of my friends is planning an end-of-days party (December 21, 2012 is her birthday) along with thousands of others, I imagine. Assuming the best case scenario unfolds, I’ll take notes and snap some photos through my telescope, prepared to report on the aftermath of disappointment and elation, depending on the individual point of view.