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September 27, 2016
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Institute offers year-long group meditation

Pandit Tigunait: Our society is very astute in technical development but somewhat miserable in spiritual development. We see that fear, anger, grief, anxiety, insecurity are being generated today in our modern world more than at any time in the past. Today, we in modern society are in need of some way to heal ourselves and heal our society. Just as we have to wash and iron our clothes to make them wearable, so we must renew ourselves spiritually. In these meditation practices we are putting in place a step-by-step method to grow in a very relaxed manner through meditation. It is in meditation that we heal ourselves.

TRR: Do you have any examples of this healing from the past?

Pandit Tigunait: In a state in India many years ago, there was a terrible long-lasting war and the people began a 144-year-long group meditation. At the end of the war, that section of India became very sacred and became a center for healing. Even today, people go there to meditate.

TRR: What is the cost of participating in the seminars?

Pandit Tigunait: The institute’s premiere membership includes an all-access pass to the 12 core seminars—that’s live and online tuition of the year-long group meditation as one of its benefits. Individual seminar registration’s tuition is $299 with the 11 other seminars free.

TRR: As a spiritual leader who knows both eastern and western spiritual traditions, do you think America is a fertile ground for spirituality?

Pandit Tigunait: I think America is the most fertile ground for the growth of spirituality. I say this because America is a spiritual melting pot. People come here from every nationality, culture and religion of the world: Judeo-Christian traditions, Islamic traditions, Hindu traditions, Buddha traditions. The children of these traditions are mixing together and are giving strength to the nation. Their way of looking at life is going beyond those narrow traditions.

For more information, visit or call 800/822-4547.