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December 05, 2016
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Washington and Wall Street: ‘Women of Wisdom’ talk on civil disobedience

Copyrighted photo by Shadia Fayne Wood Virginia Kennedy is shown being arrested during the peaceful protest of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline in Washington, DC on August 20. The Pike County, PA resident and her daughter Marygrace will discuss their experience on October 29.

The Crones Club was founded last year by Sterner, to bring together the vibrant, sensitive and wise community of inspiring elder women who have completed the Maiden and Mother stages of their lives and have entered the rich and satisfying Crone phase. The group aims to share knowledge, resources, experiences, lessons learned and more, according to Sterner, who 10 years ago launched the Upper Delaware Community Network, an online tool connecting people interested in sustaining community in the region.

“Once again, I feel hope that we can change the world—one community at a time—as we come together to listen, connect and make our voices heard. If we are to live the good life and fight the good fight to the end,” said Sterner, “we need each other for support, nourishment and inspiration.”

For more information, contact Sterner at 570/729-7068 or bsterner@ptd.net.