Conventional wisdom

A debate at SUNY Sullivan on the pros and cons of a New York State constitutional convention was held on October 11 between convention expert Gerald Benjamin and union organizer Michael Grubiak. Benjamin favors a convention; Grubiak does not.

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Political favors and wealthy donors

On September 18, a three-judge federal appeals panel threw out the corruption conviction of former New York State Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son Adam. Father and son had been convicted of fraud and bribery, and Dean of using his office to pressure his company to give his son a mostly no-show job.

We’re in this together

Every day I come face to face with a disease that debilitates the lives of those caught in its throes—addiction. Equally painful are the daily collateral affects felt by family, friends, neighbors and total communities.

Every day I talk about hope.

Let the voters decide

The Sullivan County Charter Review Commission in June delivered a final report to the county legislature, and 12 of the 13 members recommended that the county change its form of government from one with an appointed county manager to one with an elected county executive.

Sullivan Dreamers wait too

Being in the room for a meeting of the Sullivan County Human Rights Commission was a chance to see up close the deep personal anguish experienced by a young person facing the reality that she might be kicked out of the only country she’s ever really known.

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What’s in your water?

The thought that water equals life has become a rallying cry for environmentalists and others who think we should pay more attention to the liquid that fills our lakes, rivers and oceans—an especially poignant thought in an area like the Upper Delaware that is in a sense defined by the body of water that threads through it.



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