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October 22, 2016
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Clearing the air, part I A little environmental history

Well, Son, times surely have changed. Dismantling or rolling back environmental protections seems to be the order of the day, as powerful corporations and their lobbyists influence legislators and those who both propose and enforce environmental rules. This week, the Obama administration released its proposals for reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases to address climate change. It will be interesting, Son, to see what happens, but it’s certain there will be a fight. In fact, the battle had already commenced last week prior to the president’s announcement, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launching the first major salvo.

And so today, Son, here are some serious questions worth consideration:

Do we as a nation have the will, as we did in the olden days (not so long ago), to tackle what is likely the biggest long-term global problem ever to face mankind?

Will science finally triumph over politics, as it regularly did in the olden days (not so long ago)?

Will there be enough public outcry, demanding that Washington finally take long overdue action to cut CO2 and other greenhouse gases, against climate deniers with deep pockets who seek only to pursue their own fossil-fueled agenda?

Will enough people remember our proud environmental history to believe that public influence really can help shape policy and sway rule makers to protect clean air, clean water, and the environment at large, and then will enough people take action?

If only citizens will speak up, Son, and reclaim the people power of the olden days (not so long ago); then we might be able to tell our children and their children the story of how we acted just in time to achieve the quality of life we wanted and preserved the environment for them and everyone all around the world to enjoy in their old age.

Clearing the air, part II

And now to the story of proposed environmental rollbacks in Pennsylvania.