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December 06, 2016
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The dream of peace

That warning seems relevant today, when America’s annual military budget is almost $1 trillion. When we look at President Obama’s proposed 2013 federal budget for discretionary spending, i.e. the funds over which Congress has a choice for spending, approximately 57% of the budget goes to the Department of Defense, to prosecuting war and to maintaining America’s nuclear weapons. The next largest percentage, 5.3% of the discretionary budget, goes to veterans’ benefits, followed by 6.3% for education, 5.6% for government, 5.5% for housing and community; 4.9% for health, 3.7% for international affairs, 3.2% for energy and environment, 2.6% for science, 2.4% for labor, 2.4% for transportation and 1.2% for food and agriculture.

This week, as we honor our veterans, we also choose to pray for peace. We believe that the American public desires a peaceful future, and so we ask those who are reading this to begin to talk about peace and for those who are willing, to begin to work for peace.