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December 03, 2016
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Celebrate Earth Day….; But then get down to work

Today our planet is facing potentially serious adverse consequences from a different pollutant—carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. Time is long overdue to take action to reduce our dependence on these fuels and to invest in renewables and alternative sources of energy as other countries already are doing far more successfully. Time has come to demand that our elected officials put the future of the planet and its citizenry ahead of the well-funded oil and gas lobbyists and their clients to whom our politicians are beholden. Time has come to demand that President Obama kill the Keystone XL Pipeline which will transport the dirtiest of dirty fossil fuels—processed bitumen from Canadian tar sands—to sell as a commodity in the world market. Time has come to tell the truth about a system that privatizes the profits for multinational oil companies, but places all the risk on society. Finally, time has come for a disinterested public to get interested, just as those 20 million citizens who took to the streets on the first Earth Day 43 years ago.

The future of our planet is at stake.