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December 03, 2016
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Bloods Gang Member Sentenced to 65 Years in Prison in Gang Assault in Shooting of Another Man in Evergreen

Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell announced today that Daquan Gray, aka “Day Day”, age 21, of Monticello, N.Y. was sentenced in Sullivan County Court by County Judge Michael McGuire today, August 7, 2012, to an aggregate sentence of 65 years in state prison and 5 years of post release supervision for Gang Assault and other violent felony charges.

Gray was convicted of all charges against him after a jury trial in March of this year. Farrell said that the evidence established that Gray, a ranking Bloods street gang member, shot a 27 year old man in the neck with a 32 caliber handgun on the morning of August 21, 2011, in the courtyard at Evergreen Housing Complex in the Village of Monticello.

The victim was paralyzed and is now a paraplegic, after the bullet lodged near his spine rendering him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. The shooting stemmed from a disagreement between a ranking Bloods member and the victim over a girl. That ranking Bloods member, Jason Elder, aka “TI”, was later apprehended by the FBI for drug conspiracy charges and is currently being prosecuted by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

In addition to the state prison sentence Gray was also fined $30,000, ordered to stay away from the victims and ordered to pay restitution for the spinal surgery that the victim endured, in the amount of $125,321.

As the violent triggerman, Gray faced up to 65 years in prison and received that maximum sentence, as recommended by the District Attorney’s Office. Gray was arrested after an investigation by the Monticello Police led by Detective Sergeant Gerard Dietz. Gray was sentenced as a second violent felony offender having been previously convicted in 2008 of shooting another man with a handgun in Monticello. Gray was on parole for that violent assault when he shot and paralyzed the victim in this case.

Three other men, Isaiah Blanch, aka “Tall Blood”, age 25, Felix Rodriguez, aka “June June”, age 20, both members of the Bloods street gang, and Messiah Lockhart, aka “Siah”, age 32, a Bloods associate, were also convicted of Gang Assault in the Second Degree, by pleas of guilty for their role in surrounding the victim and preventing his escape so Gray could shoot him. All three, including the two Bloods, admitted that they knew Gray had a gun and the plan was to shoot and harm the victim. All three were previously sentenced to 5 years in prison and 5 years of post-release supervision.

Farrell praised the work of the Monticello Detectives who put this case together and ADA Meagan Galligan who was the trial prosecutor. “Daquan Gray is a violent and dangerous gang member. The 65 year sentence serves clear notice that the gang violence in Monticello will not be tolerated. For those that continue to engage in this behavior and terrorize their neighbors the message is clear: you will be held accountable and responsible and you will be removed from the community so you cannot harm others.

The residents of Monticello and Evergreen have a right to live in peace and not have to worry about the safety of their families because of violence and gang shootings. The Monticello Police, Det. Dietz, ADA Galligan and my office worked tirelessly to obtain justice in this case and the sentence today vindicates all of their hard work and effort.” Farrell said.