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Schumer pledges to fight for federal aid for hurricane recovery

August 30, 2011

· pre- and post-storm cross sections of the beach.

Permanent restoration of sand on natural beaches is not eligible.

Trees and Ground Cover. The replacement of trees, shrubs, and other ground cover is not eligible. This restriction applies to trees and shrubs in recreational areas, such as parks, as well as trees and shrubs associated with public facilities, such as those located in the median strips along roadways and as landscaping for public buildings. Grass and sod are eligible only when necessary to stabilize slopes and minimize sediment runoff.

This restriction does not affect removal of tree debris or the removal of trees as an emergency protective measure. FEMA will reimburse for the removal of tree debris and the removal of trees as emergency protective measures if the removal eliminates an immediate threat to lives, public health and safety, and improved property, or if removal is necessary to ensure the economic recovery of the affected community to the benefit of the community-at-large. However, FEMA will not reimburse for the replacement of these trees.


- Funding for measures designed to reduce future losses to public and private property

- These are sustained measures enacted to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from natural hazards and their effects

- If a major disaster declaration is approved, every county in the state is eligible to apply for mitigation funds

- Eligible mitigation measures include relocation of property located in high hazard areas, elevation of flood prone structures, seismic rehabilitation of existing structures, strengthening of existing structures against wildfire, and dry floodproofing activities.


If a private business or nonprofit organization has suffered physical damage or sustained an economic injury after a disaster, it may be eligible for financial assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration. If the business, regardless of size, is located in a declared disaster area, the owner may apply for a long-term, low interest loan to repair or replace damaged property.

Even if the property was not damaged, the business owner may apply for a working capital loan from the SBA to relieve the economic injury caused by the disaster.

Physical Disaster Loans