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October 27, 2016
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Schumer pledges to fight for federal aid for hurricane recovery

August 30, 2011

When replacement of a damaged bridge is warranted, eligible work may include upgrades necessary to meet current standards for road and bridge construction, as defined by the State or local highway department. Typical standards affect lane width, loading design, construction materials, and hydraulic capacity. If code requires, and if the Applicant has consistently enforced that code, FEMA will permit changes in the bridge design from one lane to two lanes to include access modification for a short distance (i.e., within area of damage). This does not apply to other expansions of capacity (e.g., from two lanes to four lanes).

Permanent restoration of a road or bridge that service USACE or NRCS levees and dams, private and commercial roads, and homeowners' association roads or fall under the authority of the Federal Highway Administration is not eligible for public assistance.

Category D: Water Control Facilities

Water control facilities include dams and reservoirs, levees, lined and unlined engineered drainage channels, shore protective devices, irrigation facilities, and pumping facilities.

Restoration of the carrying capacity of engineered channels and debris basins may be eligible, but maintenance records or surveys must be produced to show the pre-disaster capacity of these facilities. The pre-disaster level of debris in the channel or basin is of particular importance to determine the amount of newly deposited disaster-related debris. Such a facility must also have had a regular clearance schedule to be considered an actively used and maintained facility.

Restoration of reservoirs to their pre-disaster capacity also may be eligible in accordance with the criteria for debris basins described above. Not all reservoirs are cleaned out on a regular basis, and evidence of pre-disaster maintenance must be provided to FEMA. In addition, removal of debris that poses an immediate threat of clogging or damaging intake or adjacent structures may be eligible.

The USACE and NRCS have primary authority for repair of flood control works, whether constructed with Federal or non-Federal funds, as well as authority over federally funded shore protective devices. Permanent repairs to these facilities are not eligible through the PA Program.

Category E: Buildings and Equipment