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December 07, 2016
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Cuomo signs legislation that reduces burden on Wine Indsutry

July 22, 2011

State Senator Catharine Young said, "Farm wineries are a growing, profitable sector in our state's agricultural industry, and I thank Governor Cuomo for his focus on strengthening our economy. By signing this bill, the Governor is partnering with us to relieve these wineries from cumbersome regulations that have impeded their productivity. Not only will this new law permit both New York farm wineries and the State Liquor Authority to operate more efficiently, it also will allow these private businesses and state government to cut costs. This initiative is exactly what our state needs to generate more economic vitality, opportunity and prosperity, and I was proud to sponsor this legislation."

State Assemblyman Robin Schimminger said, "This bill delivers on our shared commitment to further promote the successful development of New York's wine and grape industry. By streamlining regulatory requirements on farm wineries in our state, this bill will encourage new businesses and expansion in the agricultural industry. It also achieves efficiency and consolidation in reporting, licensing, and filing with the State Liquor Authority which will help both wineries and state government to function more resourcefully while ensuring an appropriate level of oversight. I thank the Governor for signing this bill. Working together we will continue to prove that New York is open for business."

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Darrel J. Aubertine said, "Governor Cuomo recognizes the significant role agriculture plays in the State's economy. With wine being one of the fastest growing sectors of that industry, this legislation offers numerous benefits to farm wineries that will have a ripple effect throughout the countryside. I thank Governor Cuomo, Senator Young and Assemblyman Schimminger for their hard work on this bill."

The New York wine and grape industry has a $3.76 billion economic impact from the production of wine and grapes grown on nearly 1,400 vineyards statewide. Since the passage of the Farm Winery Law in 1976, the number of New York's farm wineries has grown from under twenty to nearly 306 today.

Wine production has increased more than 50 percent in the last 20 years to nearly 200 million bottles annually. New York is now the third largest wine producing state in the country, behind California, and recently Washington. The sale of New York wines account for $420 million a year.