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December 07, 2016
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Narrowsburg News

By Jane Luchsinger

The pansies appearing in some of the window boxes on Main Street can only mean one thing: spring is here. It seems a strange spring. Every now and then you see the remains of snow that was piled high from what seemed like constant plowing. Just ignore those reminders of our long winter and concentrate on the warm weather, spring bulbs peaking up, and get out in the fresh air. A word of caution for you gardeners: be careful not to overdo it. Sometimes you get reminders in the form of evening aches and pains that you have been raking a bit too long. Aches or not, this exercise is better than working out in a gym—indoors.

Now speaking of bending and stretching, how about getting out there on Saturday, April 26 for some litter plucking? Here’s how it works; Litterpluck is all about cleaning up our roadways after a winter’s worth of unsightly debris collected over time.

Once again, the Narrowsburg Beatification Group will be coordinating the litter plucking effort for the Town of Tusten. You can come to the library parking lot on April 26 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to pick up trash bags and gloves, and you can even borrow a reflective vest for your safety. Let the person on duty know what area you wish to litter pluck and off you go. Stay out as long as you wish, and return to the library with your trash. The Town of Tusten provides a dump truck that, by the way, is generally full at the end of the day. All that trash will be taken away and never seen again. A good feeling, and good exercise, too!

If you aren’t able to litter pluck on Saturday, feel free to pluck any other day before Saturday and just drop off your trash at the library on Saturday. For more information, call 845/252-7400. Happy Spring Litterplucking.