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December 03, 2016
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Narrowsburg News

Are you aware that April 6 through 12 is National Volunteer Week? Volunteering is rewarding, and we have many volunteers in Narrowsburg ranging from those working with our Tusten Youth Commission to make “growing-up-in-Narrowsburg” memories for the younger generation, to those volunteering to feed our elderly who need meals delivered to their homes. We show our thanks with applause at each parade when the volunteer fire departments of Narrowsburg and Lava, and the Tusten ambulance pass by, but have you ever stopped to think what it would be like if these wonderful fellow citizens did not volunteer? We really would be in a sorry state of affairs. Perhaps it is time to consider doing some volunteer work yourself.

The Tusten Volunteer Ambulance is one of the organizations that is in great need of volunteers. The statistics for 2013 reveal that the average time to arrive at your home when you need them is only 5.25 minutes. This was calculated over 473 calls. Imagine getting help so quickly. Now imagine not having that help available. Some of you may be put off by the nature of ambulance work, but how about considering becoming only a driver? No medical work, just driving, something you do every day. This would be very helpful to the ambulance service. You may contact them at 845/252-3336.

If you are not convinced that emergency services, such as the ambulance and fire companies, are for you, there are plenty of other opportunities available. Members of the local churches have committees always open for volunteers. Maybe volunteering in an organization year-round is too time-consuming right now in your life. Well, how about volunteering for Litterpluck this spring, Riverfest this summer, or helping at a pancake breakfast. Volunteers have fun and feel rewarded at the same time. Why, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church even recognizes volunteers with a special dinner each year. See, there really are benefits to volunteering in our community. Look around and find a place to volunteer. To those of you who currently volunteer, thank you. You make our town a better place.