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December 09, 2016
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We’re all in this. Together.

This investment starts with being informed and understanding that we are all interconnected and that all of our actions and decisions have an effect. Subscribing to and reading the local newspaper is one way to be invested, by staying abreast of the issues that face our community and by entering into dialogue with thoughtful and informed opinions. We invest by supporting the local businesses that provide our area with goods and services. We invest by being a part of the cultural and communal landscape, actively participating in community life, attending local events, shopping locally, or becoming a volunteer.

We invest by entering into the dialogue of what we want the future to bring us, and we take action, like the group that founded TRR, to create the mechanisms and organizations that have the capacity to define and enhance our vibrant and precious valley.

And with this investment of our authentic and unique selves, we all flourish. We make real the inherent truth that we are indeed all in this. Together.

What do you say?

Let’s do it. Together.