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October 22, 2016
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The future of farming?

So where are those neighborhood farms? Well, for starters, in my own backyard. My one-acre parcel is now a diversified farm, and as Ghandi said, I’m being the change I want to see in the world. This year, Root n’ Roost Farm is producing mushrooms, produce, herbs, flowers, fruit, eggs and poultry (chickens and ducks), pigs, baked goods and crafts. We’re also going to produce our own biodiesel from waste vegetable oil, and we collect compost and scrap materials from area businesses to decrease our expenses and lighten landfill use. In my mind, these actions are the solutions to our problems and we’re partnering with other farms like the Diries to move farming forward—to the past. Want to get involved? Support a farm near you and maybe even lend a hand once in a while. You might just find you’re a budding future farmer yourself.

[Sean Zigmund (sean@rootnroost.com) is the owner of Root and Roost Farm (www.rootnroost.com) in White Sulphur Springs, NY. He is a full time information technologist, as well as a farmer, educator, musician, alternative energy geek and dumpster driver.]