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October 25, 2016
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An agricultural vision

Next we turn to agriculture to produce clean renewable energy. Solar, wind and methane gas production to produce electricity are fundamental, as well as a grass pelletizing as a sustainable local source of heating fuel. (One acre of pelletized grass can heat an average home for a season.) Tapping into new research could turn fallow land into willow crops to generate cellulosic ethanol. Sullivan County will lead in energy crops, adding revenue and job opportunities.

Lastly, I see a revolution in the education of consumers on the dangers of big government and corporate control of our food and energy. We demonstrate zero tolerance for burdensome regulations such as those with regard to genetically modified seeds that make it illegal for farmers to save and replant patented seeds. We will revolutionize farming with sustainable farm practices, regain control of our food supply and boost our economy with healthy farms growing more food and energy closer to home. Healthy farms equal healthy food, healthy bodies and economically stable communities!

Many of the projects mentioned above are current works of the Sullivan County Farm Network. To get involved contact: sullivanfarmnetwork@gmail.com.