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February 13, 2016
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A chance encounter

So a wandering my mind did go, the questions filling my head like the crossword puzzle. Why was she in the city? Did she enjoy her day? How would she react if I struck up a conversation? On either side of my shoulders, my conscience of good and evil were whispering into my ears, each making perfect sense to me. At long last I thought to myself carpe diem, and off I went, flowers in hand. Using the bouquet to shield my face I presented them first, speaking with a sheepish, “I thought you might like these.” She looked up from her book, smiled and reached out for them with a sweet, “thank you.” We rode the rest of the trip speaking of our day and of the weekend that lie ahead, like two very familiar friends. Since it is rare that I see my wife Evelyn on the train coming from the city, it was a chance encounter indeed and the start of a lovely weekend.