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December 09, 2016
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The new town square

This summer, the Hancock Partners also completed another long-planned project, the Hancock Fitness Trail. The mile-long hiking trail was developed to improve pedestrian safety and comfort as well as access to the downtown business district.
The community’s churches held a blessing for the town square on July 18. It is wonderful to finally see the project in the home stretch. It is a delight to see people enjoying the new park; there are little kids clambering on the steps of the bandstand and riding bikes on the new sidewalks. Concerts, barbeques and a farmer’s market are just a few of the events in the planning for the new town square.

The following poem is by Kristin Barron:

The Closing of the Victory Store
(Aka Charlie’s Great American)

It was a trick mirror
that made the towering peak
of oranges
I put my small, moist hand
on the abrupt glass
where the oranges left off
and the mirror began.
Touched the sleek eggplant,
grapes, melons.
There was a barrel of walnuts
to plunge my hands into.
Asparagus in spring, great beehive
Hubbard squash in fall.
I remember their colors
like a drink.
But best of all was the cardboard banana tree
golden and green
with silver hooks to hang the bananas
for the ladies to pick—

The store is gone now
I roamed the aisles
in its final days
for half-priced diapers and chocolate.
The defunct vaudevillian
shell of a store
with wincing lights
looted shelves
and the banana tree
still in its corner
so sad and stark
for all the world just Easter grass and crepe paper.
(May 2006)