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December 02, 2016
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Games children play

Then there was a game called “Scrounge,” in which kids acting as rats rush around the house collecting objects (lamps, the broom, the toaster and the like), then hoard them to their nests. Then someone would shout “War,” and all the rats would rush to loot and pillage each other’s nests. Needless to say, adults were not amused by this game. But it has left me with some amusing memories.

As my kids negotiate the outer edges of childhood, this New Year’s might be the last time the “love note” game will ever be played. But in this age of iPods and Xbox, Modern Warfare 3 and Angry Birds, it is a sweet and refreshing diversion.

All are welcome to email me accounts of their memories of childhood games for a future column (alexaswope@aol.com).