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October 24, 2016
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Cake of the Week

Nay-sayers of public education may object to this frivolous use of classroom time, but remember when this all started the Sullivan West School District was just a name on a letterhead—I like to think it has contributed a little to the creation of a Sullivan West community. After all, eating together is community. Besides, it’s fun.

“Cake of the week” has survived as long as it has due to student respect—there have been no food fights or suspicious brownies that would result in an immediate shut down. “Cake of the week” has also, thus far, survived the nationwide crackdown on sweets and soda in schools.

So—we’ll see how long it lasts. This time of year, the kids are supposed to be reviewing and memorizing all those court cases for the Regents test. So “Let them eat cake”—this is just my way of twisting up yet another historical moment in “Cake of the Week” style.

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