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December 10, 2016
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The day of the dragonfly

A male ebony jewelwing near a small stream graces a leaf with its iridescent blue color. A large damselfly, it can be found near shaded stream banks and some lakeshores; its flight is erratic and butterfly-like.

July 14, 2011

Pass near any lake, pond, or stream shore and it is not hard to spot dragonfly or damselfly activity. They are both members of the Odonata family, characterized by their dual set of large wings and their voracious appetite for mosquitoes and other flying insects. Different species of odonates emerge at different times of the summer, so there is always variety to be seen. For some people, dragonfly watching rivals bird watching.
Here are some images of a few of more than a dozen species of odonates spotted within a one- mile radius of riparian and forest habitat near Pond Eddy, NY one day in early June.